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Green Goldstone

Lampwork Handmade Bead at Alaska Handmade JewelryThis creation uses a combination of commercially available Green Goldstone and Carnelian beads. Plus a 15 mm handmade boro glass bead as a focal point.

The glass bead is one of a kind, made and annealed in our own torch room. The glass is boro (borosilicate) with colored glass from Northstar Glassworks and Simax for the clear. The hole is made with a 1/8 inch mandrel (3.2 mm).

It would have been nice to offer this necklace, to our clients, here on Alaska Handmade Jewelry. Chinese Red handmade boro bead at Alaska Handmade Jewelry, Anchorage AlaskaHowever, the boro glass bead necklace is a commissioned creation.

This Chinese Red boro bead with undertones of silvery tan will be the subject of another Alaska Handmade Jewelry creation. The bead is 22 mm in diameter and will work nicely as a larger focal point.

Moose Nugget Jewelry

Moose Nugget Earrings at Alaska Handmade JewelryBeing in Alaska and making jewelry can lead to some strange bedfellows. We have Moose and we have jewelry. The two together make some interesting topics of conversation. Yes, Moose and jewelry go together!

At Alaska Handmade Jewelry, Moose nuggets and jewelry are now a reality. The nuggets are 100% Alaskan made. The surrounding shinny sparkles are not. Click here to view our latest Moose Nugget creations.

The original source of our nuggets are the local Anchorage Moose. Spring is the best time to find these clusters of sawdust. Each individually processed to Nature’s perfection.

Our task is to take these items of perfection and process in a most human way. They are dried, coated and drilled. Depending on the finish, the results can vary from dark brown to just brown. Alaska Handmade Moose Jewelry uses a matt/satin finish to avoid the shinny tourist trinket look.

These products of nature are light in weight and have no smell. Try one of our handmade in Alaska gifts of Nature. It is the perfect gift for that special someone who needs a little surprise in their life.

Sliver Clay Ring

Alaska Handmade Jewelry is impressed with "The Arty Crafter". This site was located through one of the jewelry forums. Check out their "Gallery" page for a wonderful variety of handmade objects.

Silver Clay Ring made out of silver clayThe Arty Crafter also has an excellent PDF on how to use Silver Art Clay to make a ring. The best part is that a person does not need specialized equipment to fire the completed ring. In this case, just a butane touch. Most interesting. To download this helpful PDF use this link.

Many sites on the web sell Silver Art Clay. Prices will vary for this fun product.

Camelian Necklace

Red necklace at Alaska Handmade Jewelry This is an intriguing variation of the Classic Black and White necklace. The focal beads are Carnelian and the Cultured Pearls are a variegated color.

If you look at the older blog entry that is titled Peridot Necklace at http://www.alaskahandmadejewelry.com/node/159 you will notice a different style of bead cap. I found that these bead caps were very different from the typical bead cap. And these caps seem to hint at wire sculpture.

Upon completing the Carnelian creation, I achieved the mood and look I was aiming for. This necklace was intended to be posted on Alaska Handmade Jewelry website. Well, I showed it to one person and now it will not make it to the site but into their collection.

So, I wanted to share a picture of the necklace so you can see what it looked like. Hope you enjoy the picture.

Peridot Necklace

This is a variation of the Classic Black and White Necklace that makes for an interesting color change.Peridot Green Necklace Alaska Handmade Jewelry This color scheme is based on olive green. The green Peridot is a great accent when combined with creme Cultured Pearls.

This style in black and white has been requested in different colors for specialized gifts this season. It seems to be the leading look for this fall and winter. And we do welcome custom requests. Feel free to email us at: jewelry@alaskahandmadejewelry.com

The other variations of this necklace are accented with other gemstones. Alaska Handmade Jewelry plans to have these items posted on site soon.

There is another variation that is designed as a single strand. And it has a different look and feel than the double strand.

I am thinking of doing a very light blue variation of the same classic design.

Hope you enjoy the different looks.

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