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Fall to Winter

We were having a nice beautiful Fall. Then just before Halloween it felt like snow. Much like when it feels like it is going to rain. And I noticed that the ground was frozen. So knew if we did get snow it would last unless the temperature or the Chinook Winds come up. But that typically happens in January.

Well, it snowed. And the temperatures did not go up. Nor did the Chinook Winds. So we have snow. Over night we got about 5 1/2 inches of new snow. So one day it was Fall here and the next Winter.

New Touch

Alaska Handmade Jewelry created a unique nickel-silver wire wrapped pendent using a boro glass bead made by Alaska Boro. The design incorporates a cabochon made with cobalt blue, silver, a thread of white along with clear for a one of a kind pendant bead.

The bead was custom wrapped with special meanings woven into the creative design. The pendant is 54 mm high by 18 mm wide.

It is a pleasure to design with Boro Glass. However wrapping a glass cabochon is not for a beginner wire artist.

Alaskan Summer

This summer in Alaska has been a very pleasant one. Instead of the rainy and chilly summer we had last year, this summer has not only provided lots of hours of sun and great temperatures it has also provided some very lovely flowers. So I thought it would be nice to share some with you.

This is a white, tending to be more cream colored rose that bloomed this year in our neighborhood. It is from a neighbor's yard that puts out tea roses each year in containers. The rose containers are taken in and wintered over inside. Winters here are to long for some plants to survive if left outside. The warmth that the ground reaches is also to low for many plants.

From the same neighbor's yard comes this beautiful Rose. As you can see with the different angle of sunlight we have many of the flowers glow. And flowers are quite popular here. With our short growing season every bit of the seasons are squeezed out of the seasons. As spring approaches each year Alaskans are really looking forward to the growing season, having flowers, and container gardens.

While many people think of Alaska as lots of land left in it's natural state and come to see that. At the same time they are not disappointed by the foliage that goes hand in hand with the beautiful scenes found in Alaska.

Break Up Is Done!

Earlier we shared with you about betting on the ice, now and winter official breaks up and Spring is here. Also told you about people betting when the ice thaws and moves out. How that is recorded and people win.

Spring is here, yippee! Our crocus have started blooming. The are well known as the neighborhood's first flowers. Hope you are having a great Spring.

Veiws of Alaska

From this picture you can see Alaska in winter. Alaska is a unique place. Isn't that an understatement. The point that I am getting to is that many people visit Alaska. Some like it so much they stay. Some live here a period of time because of work and then move onto other places. Others visit and forever love Alaska.

This being the case people do contact us and ask about Alaska. Others that have moved have left their heart here. Most always people want to hear about Alaska. And often those that have been here and left for what ever reason, become lonesome for Alaska. People that have never been here are also curious about Alaska. This is quite obvious when we call a place in the lower 48 for something.

As you can see in the last of the previous paragraph, we have some terms here that are not common in most of the Continental United States. So to clarify that, I will try to share the meaning of such terms. The term, the lower 48 is the Continental United States. So the two states excluded from the 50 states is Hawaii and Alaska.

Another term is termination dust. That is the first snow fall that we see in the mountains.

The last term for now is Midnight Sun. you have heard that the number that the sun is up here in the winter becomes very few, actually is 7 hours and 35 minutes. With most of those hours being sunrise and sunset with the sun low in the sky. And as long as 24 hours in the summer in June. So many times at midnight it is daylight. And so called midnight sun.

Snowman Bead

You know we at Alaska Handmade Jewelry are going to get our hands on these. They are very cute. We hope to making many items with these little guys.

Please Note: A very limited number of these beads will be made. If you are interested, contact us.

New at Alaska Boro is a snowman bead. It is guaranteed to ‘not melt’ once it exits Alaska for warmer climates!

This sample snowman bead is 22.5 mm in height with a 3/32 mandrel hole. Each is handmade using white, black and red boro glass. The scarf on some beads will vary both in color and placement.

Each snowman boro bead consists of three beads all made on the same mandrel. The top hat is rolled on a graphite marver to make a small cylinder. The rim is then added. The scarf, in this model, is made using a stringer of twisted red and white glass.

New Creations

As you know, Alaska Handmade Jewelry is also on Art Fire. To make it easy for you to find us, here is the link:

Please to visit our Art Fire page. There are items there that have not been posted on this page. And for your holiday shopping we have tried to have a good range of prices. And we know that the day after Thanksgiving is called "Black Friday" and there are going to be all sorts of great buys. We keep our prices low all the time. So sales are rare for us. That way you can count on the price. We also do not go for the hard sell.

Feel free to visit both sites and have fun shopping.

Alaska Moose Enjoys Healthy Thanksgiving

Last evening we were warned by a neighbor that there was a big Bull Moose at our Garage door. In Alaska we warn each other of visiting wildlife in our yards...although the visits are often. We know better than to surprise a Moose. A Moose is quite capable of stomping a human to death.

The neighbor told us that it looked like the Moose went either down the road or around the house. Where he went was solved today in daylight. Moose will eat trees in winter, or most anytime. They do prefer green vegetation. We had left standing in the containers the veggies that we grew this summer hoping to gather seeds. And the Moose was delighted to find the plants. It is not known if the Moose gave thanks but that the plants were enjoyed.

An end note, I am glad that the Moose had a healthy early Thanksgiving meal.

Good News from Our Brother Site

Good news from our Brother Site, beads-fresh from the kiln. Love the color in Alaska Boro Beads. Here is the announcement.

Alaska Boro has just removed from the annealing kiln a new batch of beads. Colors of all sorts ranging form blue to green to reds, etc. All of the newly made boro beads are produced on a 3/32 inch mandrel with our new bead release formula.

The new bead release (mandrel release) is applied very thin resulting in a bead hole that is closer to the mandrel size. The best part is that the release does not crack or flake under boro heat conditions. And the release, a big plus, can be flamed dried!

Newst Creation

We have gotten in some beautiful pearls. These are grade A and from my excellent, knowledgeable and all around good person that the majority of gemstones and supplies come from. These beads are called Metal Teal. And they are beautiful. The two lighter pearls that are double drilled silver pearls are a favorite of mine as a string guide. The focal area has Swarovski Crystals, 3mm sterling silver beads and the beautiful Metal Teal pearl. The back part is the same color string with the rich rose color being a glass bead.

A person saw this necklace and loved it. However she prefers bracelets. What a wonderful chance to use the beautiful pearls again. She asked for a three strand bracelet. And the bracelet came out quite impressive. The combination of pearls, sterling silver beads and Swarovski Crystals are a beautiful combination. With the bracelet being three strands a string guide was used. Also the smaller beads that are in the back of the necklace are used in this bracelet. This three strand bracelet looks very nice with work clothes and more formal wear. This creation will bring its wearer many years of enjoyment.

Typically, the claps that I use is simple. Because of the person the bracelet is for and the feel of the bracelet a less simple clasp was used. As you can see a heart shaped clasp was used. This helps secure the bracelet and fits the mood better. The string protectors on each string end add to the durability of the bracelet. This is definitely a one of a kind bracelet and will bring the owner many years of enjoyment.

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