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Mother of Pearl Earrings

Recently a pair of Mother of Pearl earrings were requested. And while the design of the earrings appear simple, when a piece of jewelry catches a person's eye and it is requested to be made, I never consider it simple or ordinary. In my opinion the regard that the owner of the jewelry has for the requested creation is what makes a piece of jewelry "fine jewelry".

Certainly when including Mother of Pearl in a piece of jewelry gives a special mood and feeling to the jewelry. I have found that many different types of shell are sometimes mistaken for Mother of Pearl. Mother of Pearl has a look to it that will certainly give it away. Perhaps a way to describe this look is that it has a look of depth to it and a very passive sheen of rainbow coloring.

Another give away that a shell is not mother of pearl is looking at the back of the piece. Typically the back will have the look of either the front or just a bit of the natural shell left. Mother of Pearl is presented as a finished beautiful white shell with the expected sheen one finds on the front of the shell. The shell is the area where a Pearl is formed by an irritant being coated with iridescent nacre.

Mother of pearl has the classic look that we all remember from childhood. Yet Mother of Pearl is timeless and modern. It will have a sheen that is the feel of a fine Freshwater or Cultured Pearl.

Returning Classic Black and White Necklace

If you have read this blog for some time you remember the Classic Black and White Necklace. This necklace evolved from a color changing process helping a person fill her Christmas list with the same design changed to fit each woman she had on her list. The necklace has gone through many color changes and sizes.

Recently we have been working on a request list included a variety of standbys. Some of which were Bird's Nest rings, Bird's Nest earrings and broaches. Several necklaces and other rings were also included, the Red, White and Blue ring is an example of the creative gifts that were taken to the lower 48 as memories of Alaska.

The Classic Black and White Necklace was also requested in another color combination. Because of time limitations, we did not get a picture of the color scheme variation. It was Cranberry, small gold fresh water pearls with Black Diamond Swarovski crystals.

Because of this experience, I thought it would be fun to remake the Classic Black and White Necklace. Naturally there are a few small changes made to it to accent the black and white. Such as a Gun-mill string protector and clasp. So this necklace has returned to availability. If you are interested in it, please use the Contact Us on the middle right side of this site.

Woven Bail

Here is my latest creation in wire weaving. It is silver hobby wire wrapped and woven with copper color hobby wire. /the wire used to wrap and weave the bail is a bit heavier than the typical 26 to 28 gauge wire used for weaving. It is nice how the silver shows through the copper color.

Wire weaving looks nicer and is easier done in small areas of a creation. In addition to the weave in this bail playing on ones perception, so does the shape of the bail. This being done with the bail going back through itself. While taking pictures there was a challenge in getting the bail to show its shape, transparency and many colors in the boro pendant. (from Alaska Boro Beads

This pendant will be worked into a necklace. The bail will function, somewhat, like a floater that one sees in many necklaces today.

Oriental Coin

This creation is one of the few unsymmetrical designs of mine. The coin is a wonderful treat to see. What I can tell you is that this is an Oriental coin that was imported to one of my favorite shops here. The Citrine, Flower Suglite and Amethyst highlight the colors in the coin.

This necklace is unique. So a pair of earrings are needed to complement the necklace. The two Oriental coins used for the earrings are quite eye catching.

This necklace and earrings are one of a kind, you won't see someone else wearing a set of jewelry like this.

Red White and Blue

We have been having a good time working on a special request. One of the creations requested that you have not seen is a Red White and Blue ring. This ring is so perfect for this time of the year with the coming of the 4th of July. Actually it is a very nice ring for the whole year.

Another project has been creations with the "Birds Nest" style. As you know I like to explore all types of possibility with a project. The new possibility you see here is the nest as a broach and earrings. Yes, it has been made as a ring too.

Wire Weaving Update

As with any new skill that is being learned one needs to practice to perfect it. This is the case with wire weaving.

There are several things to make sure that everything stays in place. One may use a large bead or a cabochon for the stone. The advantage to using a large bead is that one can help stabilize the bead by running wire though the bead and incorporating it into the weave. With the cabochon there is a flat side that helps in mounting the stone. Then there is the wire.

Typically I have been using a 26 gauge wire. While this is quite thin it works quite nicely in weaving. One uses a very long length of wire. This requires the weaver to have perfected arcing wire. If wire is bent to much or over worked it becomes brittle and breaks.

In addition to this es each artists style. While I have my style in mind one needs perfect that style.

All in all gaining the skill of wire weaving takes some time. I feel sure that gaining that skill will be well worth it.

A Rose named Pye

This is a painting that I did of a rose that struck my fancy. And, hopefully, you enjoy it. The rose bloomed last year and wishing that the roses were blooming this year, I decided to paint one.

You know about my designing and making jewelry. And now you know that in addition to Jewelry I draw and paint. Many very close friends and family have been getting paintings and drawings from me for years. So, it seems right that they are also shared with you.

One may notice that this painting is signed, Pye 10. That is my artistic name and the year the work was done in. You may ask about the name Pye, it is from one of my favorite books, "One" by Richard Bach.

So, from time to time pictures and drawings of mine may be shared here as well as my jewelry designs.

Wire Weaving

Wire Weaving is a skill that takes lots of practice. And some time ago I mentioned in a blog entry that learning and perfecting Wire Weaving is a goal of mine.

Often in the jewelry designing and making world there is quite a bit of advice and sharing that goes on. We jewelry designers love to see each others creations and bounce ideas off of one another. With that in mind often one artist will help another develop a skill.

With the help of Nancy Wickman I would like to share with you a wire weave pendant that I made yesterday. Nancy has perfected the art of wire weaving and is so kind to help those of us learning. A give a big thank you and credit to Nancy Wickman for her great help in my learning wire weaving.

First Forget me not

Spring and summer are in full swing here in Alaska. Although both seasons are short lived here, we enjoy the sweetness of the seasons as fully as possible.

I wanted to share with your the first forget me not to open in my gardens. The forget me not is the state flower of Alaska. And as many state flowers is protected and grows wild in the state.

The forget me not is a very small very light blue with a yellow center. It is sentimental in reminding one of fond memories of the past. And at the same time brightly looking at the present.

As our daylight hours increase this season there will be time to enjoy the midnight sun here. Yes, it is daylight here at midnight in the summer. Once again I plan to enjoy daylight at midnight. It really is quite enchanting.

Open Chain Necklace

Open Chain German Silver necklace at Alaska Handmade JewelryOne of the current looks is large open chain necklaces. The thing about that is, often they are heavy and huge with a capitol "H". So, how does one wear the style and move freely?

Here is my answer, handmade big bold links out of the correct gauge of wire. The design is open and allows for lots of movement. Some sparkle is added with Swarovski crystals accenting Turquoise Magnesite.

Often another thing that comes into consideration of larger styled necklaces, or any necklace worn when working or relaxing, is the clasp. The clasp on this necklace is the same as the links on the chain but smaller and hooks into the chain itself.

My wire creations are being previewed on this blog. Many of these creations will be offered a limited time and then go on to a gallery showing. And not made available other than through the gallery.

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