Forget-Me-Nots, Alaska's State Flower

Forget-Me_Not German Silver ring at Alaska Handmade JewelryAs you may know, Forget-Me-Nots are the Alaska State Flower. And I have been working on coming up with a simple design that features a Forget-Me-Not.

Here is a peek for you. It is a simply done German Silver ring featuring a transparent bead that is colored and shaped like a little Forget-Me-Not. This ring design can have more pizazz with additional blossoms. Another addition can be made with a blossom done with a Swarovski crystal.

Prices can vary on this cute little remembrance of Alaska. And the ring can be made in sterling silver, if you prefer. Our price, as pictured here in German Silver is a bargain at $10 for a great Alaskan memory.

Although this ring has not previewed on the site, for Alaska Handmade Jewelry blog pals you can use with any requests or questions about our Alaska Forget-Me-Not ring.

Have a great spring.


The Wait is Almost Over

The wait is almost over for the posting of the wire sculpture featuring Green Tree Agate. It is anticipated that this creation will be posted this evening. Click here to view the Green Tree Agate set.

As a result of comments on our blog, Wire Wrap creation at Alaska Handmade Jewelrythe set includes earrings, necklace and bracelet. The price for this new wire wrap creation includes all three pieces.

The Green Tree Agates are floating. For this reason there is some movement of the Agates. As you know, in designing jewelry, my creations have freedom of movement when completed.

It has made my hobby of designing and making jewelry more fun to share with everyone the sneak peek and progress of piece. Thank you for allowing me to share and joining in with your comments.

Sneak Peek

Skutt kiln at Alaska Handmade JewelryThis is so nice that I want to share quick peek with you before the creation is completed. These are the earrings that will accompany a necklace.

As you know we have been expanding in wire sculpture, aka wire wrap jewelry. Each component and completed piece is different. This provides a very unique look for the person who wants one of a kind jewelry.

German Silver is the metal that is used in creation.

Often the more intricate wire wrap is called wire weave. Looking at these earrings can certainly see why.

Keep a watch out for the completed set to be listed in New Creations.

Hope you enjoy the sneek peek.


Wire Creation

Silver wire wrap creations at Alaska Handmade JewelryWe wanted to share with you a look at a creation designed by request. It is done in sterling silver wire and meets the client's desire for their favorite colors of rich pink and Abalone.

This free form wire sculpture necklace provides a rich pink color with Rhondite and Abalone including a nugget of Abalone with deep creme colored accents of River Stone. It accents a joyful, happy and full of life spirit.

It is an honor to do specialty creations for clients. I feel very complemented to be asked to do so. The creation ends up being quite an accent for the new home it goes to.

There is always the challenge of finding just the best color, texture, mood and over all feeling of each part of a creation. And from that experience comes our adventuring into creations made from copper.

Sliver Clay Ring

Alaska Handmade Jewelry is impressed with "The Arty Crafter". This site was located through one of the jewelry forums. Check out their "Gallery" page for a wonderful variety of handmade objects.

Silver Clay Ring made out of silver clayThe Arty Crafter also has an excellent PDF on how to use Silver Art Clay to make a ring. The best part is that a person does not need specialized equipment to fire the completed ring. In this case, just a butane touch. Most interesting. To download this helpful PDF use this link.

Many sites on the web sell Silver Art Clay. Prices will vary for this fun product.

The Thaw

Winter time is interesting in Anchorage. Just last week it was in the -10 F (-23 C) temperature range. This week there was a lot of wind and much warmer temperatures up to plus 50 F.

Some power outages and downed trees, but nothing major. Car in driveway as it should be placed. Our little street was all ice including many driveways.

Winter has its little surprises. Many folks just like to wait until June and then their snow covered paths to the garage melt away. Nothing wrong with packed snow with a hill for a driveway. But mother nature may have other ideas.

When the temperature hits 50 F (10 C) and it rains, all of those slanted driveways become down sloping ramps. Our neighborhood was no exception. Residences found their cars parked in the street. Car after sliding out of driveway due to ice and water and warm temps in Anchorage Alaska. Not because they wanted to, but due to mother nature's desire.

Seems that gravity, plus lack of friction works well on moving one's car. Just a slow slide into the street. No damage, but a thought that perhaps driveway snow removal may become a bigger priority!

January Thaw

Just a week ago the daytime high temperature in Anchorage was at -10 F (-23 C). Today it was 45 F (7 C) on the plus side. All of that cold ice is now water plus ice!

Schools have been closed for two days. On day one there were 180 cars in the ditch. Day two was better. Winter thaw this week at Alaska Handmade Jewelry
Some roads were more like ice skating rinks than roads.

Public schools along with the two universities found their parking lots to be unusable. Plus the hillside was not found of 105 MPH wind gusts. Some power outages, trees and other usual things occurred.

Friday will be another warm day in the mid 40’s. Schools open or closed? Students will not know until 4:30 am when public school officials make that decision. The university status will be known at 6:30 am.

Cars with studded tires do better with this type of ice and water. Those without end up in the ditch or drive very slowly. Overall, some are very cautious, while others have no fear.

It is nice to see warmer weather in the north while the lower 48 is in the deep freeze. We were there for 2 weeks and it is nice to share the cold.

By next week they say in the mid to upper 20’s. So it is once again back to winter, some snow and the usual crop of winter activities.

Winter Time

Alaska is known for its overall beauty. And of course, its interesting winters. Here, in Anchorage, we all have been exposed to the beauty of nature. Its necessity for winter cold. For its snow and ice.

Some feel that winter is just to many tooooo's. Too long, too dark, too slippery, too snowyWinter at Alaska Handmade Jewelry and the best for last, too cold! It has been that for sure. Normal highs in the plus 24F to 28F range have just not happened.

In place of these nice warm temperate climates, the folks of Anchorage have been exposed to two weeks of sub zero cold. The temperature did not make it up past zero F or -17C. It is in the range of -32F (-35C) to -15F (-26C) in most parts of town.

Colder on the East and warmer on the West. The ocean does help moderate the temperatures. Now, if you live in Fairbanks expect that -45F (-43C) with no wind chill factored in. That is cold. Here in the banana belt we all live in the luxury of -15F (-26C).

It is winter and we all expect this type of weather. It makes for great indoor activities. In our case, more jewelry and more time to study wire wrapping techniques.

Stay tuned to spring. More jewelry, more green, more warmth!!

Snow Time

Light in Anchoarge with snow at Alaska Handmade JewelryEarlier this week the weather forecasters let us know that snow was in the forecast. Well, they were correct. At our location in Anchorage, the total was 8 inches of nice light snow. Other parts of town, received up to a foot.

The best part is that our snow comes straight down and makes for some wonderful looking trees. Branches covered with inches and inches of light fluff snow. In other part of the county, it just blows in from 'Kansas' horizontal to the ground. Lots of drifting and blocked roads in those parts.Tree branches covered with 8 inches of new snow at Alaska Handmade Jewelry, Anchorage Alaska

Snow in Anchorage is a good time to make jewelry. To come up with creative designs. It is also nice to think about the warmer parts of the lower 48. But here is where Santa starts that long trip. In the cold and the snow!

Looks like by the end of the week, some additional items will be posted. Take a look and let us know your interest.

Celebrities Visit

This morning we were surprised by two very Alaskan celebrities. Our very capable IT department quickly grabbed a camera and snapped pictures of them as they approached the back door.Alaskan moose We remained very quiet knowing how they shun the spotlight.

Time to reveal the names of the Alaskan celebrities. Momma Moose and Baby moose (aka Moose cow and her calf). Moose are celebrities here. People visit and want to see Moose. When you look for them, typically, you don't find them. And their antics are always surprising.

By the way, right now they are very happy if anyone has left out a Halloween pumpkin. Pumpkins are like candy to them. To bad that in Spring, tulips are the same.

Thanks for sharing the fun of Alaska.

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