Kiln Fabrication

Kiln with base at Alaska Handmade JewelryThe kiln is progressing nicely. The support cage is complete with bricks installed along with the heating element. Remaining is the installation of electrical boxes for power connections and a switch. Plus mounting brackets for the door hinge.

Powered the kiln up and it does get hot as expected. The element is at 11.8 ohms. Thus at 117 VAC, the kiln is rated at 1160 watts which will work well for annealing beads.Kiln electrical connection for heating element at Alaska Handmade Jewelry, Anchorage Alaska

Once the door is installed, it will be time to check the rise time to 1050 F degrees for annealing Boro (Borosilicate) beads. Installing the controller, testing and making sample beads are some of the next steps.

For door hinges it is planned to use a small pillow block. However, local bearing firms do not carry pillow blocks that have a small footprint. The overall width should in the range of 2 inches. Looks like a trip to Home Depot or Lowe’s to see what is in their hinge department. Maybe something in the cabinet hinge line would work, but again maybe not!

It would be nice to use either ball bearings or a brass bushing for the hinges. Temperature should not be an issue as the kiln is externally lined with ceramic cloth to provide additional insulation. At 1050 F (internal) it is anticipated that the external temperature should be in the range of 100 to 150 F after 2 hours of use.