Completed Kiln

Completed kiln at Alaska Handmade JewelryIt has taken most of the Alaskan summer, but the kiln is now completed. The plans for the door have changed. The original idea was to have a swing door with two hinges on the left. That migrated into a guillotine door that opens bottom to top. A good idea but much harder to implement.

Door springs are hard to find in Anchorage, but the local building center had standard household door replacement Kiln with door open at Alaska Handmade Jewelry, Anchorage Alaskasprings that were adequate. One spring, on each side, was planned to offset the weight of the door (16 lbs). However, one set of springs were not strong enough for the task, so two on each side were used. The door opens easy and will either stay completely closed or fully open.

The planned annealing temperature for borosilicate glass is in the range of 1050 to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. With the built in Fuji temperature controller it is just a matter of setting the proper ramp and hold times for boro glass.

The supporting kiln structure is made from 1/2 inch square steel tube. This is welded together using a Millermatic 200 wire welder. The bricks are IFB (Insulated Fire Brick) obtained from E.J. Bartells, located on Whitney Road here in Anchorage. They also carry the one inch thick ceramic blanket that is used for added insulation.

The next kiln task will be to calibrate the Fuji controller, move the kiln into the studio and start making lampwork boro beads.