Do you take credit cards?
Yes, all major credit cards are processed through PayPal.

Can I ship to a different address?
Products shipped from Alaska Handmade Jewelry will use the credit card billing address for product delivery. i.e. billing and shipping addresses must match. This reduces that chance that someone is fraudulently using your credit card for unlawful purposes.

Does AHJ need to know my credit card number?
No, we do not. All credit card transactions are handled by PayPal. Alaska Handmade Jewelry has NO access to your credit card information.

Is there an upcharge for using PayPal?
No, the price listed in the shopping cart is the price that you will pay.

Is insurance required?
The cost of USPS insurance is included in the shipping and handling costs.

Can I return an item?
Yes, any item can be returned as long as the return post mark is within 30 calendar days of when the item was received.

When items are shipped is there a delivery conformation?
Yes, all shipped merchandise is tracked by the US Post Office as to time and date of delivery.

Will you accept worn or damaged jewelry for a full refund?
No, only unworn and undamaged jewelry is accepted within the stated time frame.

My jewelry item broke?
Yes, Alaska Handmade Jewelry will repair the item without cost provided that the damage was not done through carelessness. You pay shipping to Alaska Handmade Jewelry and AHJ will ship back to you without cost.

Can I return a product without notification?
No, all returns must be authorized first. Please email or phone to obtain an return authorization number.

The colors are close but not the same as on your website.
Every person's monitor is different so it is impossible to display colors that are exact. The best that can be done is to come close. If the product does not match your needs, please return for a refund within the thirty day grace period.

How much do I get back for a returned item?
You will receive your full purchase price minus the cost of shipping and any insurance.

When returning an item do I pay for shipping and insurance?
Yes, the cost of shipping and insurance is your responsibility. Items shipped but not received can not be credited as returned.

Can an item be returned using UPS or FedEx.
Yes, the choice of a return carrier is totally up to you. USPS was chosen, as in many cases, it is the least costly alternative.

How much is insurance?
The insurance rate is based on the dollar amount of the order. As an example for a $35 dollar USPS charges $2.20 for insurance.

Is there an upcharge on insurance?
No, the rate you pay is the same rate that Alaska Handmade Jewelry pays.

If I have a question, how can I contact you?
At the bottom of each page is link that will generate an email. Or go to the navigation menu and select "Contact Information".

How long will it take to get my order?
Packages, on the average, to the lower 48 take four business days from time of shipment.

How long does it take to process and order?
Most orders go out the next business day, longer on weekends. If ordered on Saturday or Sunday then expect shipping on Monday.