Boro Lampworking

Northstar boro glass Amber/Purple striking colors at Alaska Handmade JewelryAlaska Handmade jewelry will be using a number of designs created with lampwork glass beads. These future designs will be created with Northstar Glassworks of Tigard, Oregon boro (Borosilicate) glass. The Northstar palette, for the present, consists of 55 colors of Northstar's most popular colors.

These colors are not only transparent and opaque but also include striking. The striking colors react differently in the flame and produce a variety of interesting color combinations.

Some of the handmade lampwork beads will be encased with clear boro rod made by Simax. The Simax clear rod and tube will also be used to perfect a number of different flame work techniques as the cost per pound is significantly less than colored rod.

The glasswork studio will also make available its selection of clear and colored boro rod to other local lampwork artists. This new website is under construction and will provide a listing of boro rod/tube for local Anchorage availability.