Boro Glass Rod Storage

Boro glass rod storage at Alaska Handmade JewelryBoro (borosilicate) rod storage is always an issue with lampwork bead makers. Just having rod lay around and collect dust is not a good idea. The best plan is some form of organization. In this case, Alaska Handmade Jewelry chose a rather traditional storage form for boro colored and clear glass rod and tube.

The boro cabinet consists of 12 rows of 12 tubes each of schedule 40 two inch PVC tube cut into 19.5 inch lengths. This provides 144 tubes to store each individual color. Each tube is large enough to hold about two pounds of boro glass.

The Northstar glass that is on hand, uses up 55 of these slots. As Northstar glass colors are expanded or more is ordered, the remaining 89 slots will come into use. At this point, Northstar boro glass does not use any numbers above 133.

The top row uses 3 inch plastic drain pipe and is 9 tubes wide. This area is for clear Simax boro rod and tube.

The interesting part is that at both Lowes and Home Depot the two inch PVC is priced at $5.25 per ten foot length here in Anchorage. The four inch drain is $5.31 with the three inch drain at $8.44 per ten foot length.