Moose Nugget Jewelry

Moose Nugget Earrings at Alaska Handmade JewelryBeing in Alaska and making jewelry can lead to some strange bedfellows. We have Moose and we have jewelry. The two together make some interesting topics of conversation. Yes, Moose and jewelry go together!

At Alaska Handmade Jewelry, Moose nuggets and jewelry are now a reality. The nuggets are 100% Alaskan made. The surrounding shinny sparkles are not. Click here to view our latest Moose Nugget creations.

The original source of our nuggets are the local Anchorage Moose. Spring is the best time to find these clusters of sawdust. Each individually processed to Nature’s perfection.

Our task is to take these items of perfection and process in a most human way. They are dried, coated and drilled. Depending on the finish, the results can vary from dark brown to just brown. Alaska Handmade Moose Jewelry uses a matt/satin finish to avoid the shinny tourist trinket look.

These products of nature are light in weight and have no smell. Try one of our handmade in Alaska gifts of Nature. It is the perfect gift for that special someone who needs a little surprise in their life.