Boro Turtle

Boro glass turtle at Alaska Handmade JewelryBoro glass creations are starting to happen at Alaska Handmade Jewelry. Our initial turtle, made of boro (borosilicate) glass came out looking nice. The base is clear Simax with Northstar colors added for interest. Now to make up a dozen plus to experiment with colors and design.

The annealing kiln is setup with the Fuji PXR-3 PID controller with two annealing programs for our boro glass turtles. One for turtles that require striking and one for non strike boro glass turtle colors. Both are setup as a pair of four ramp/soak patterns. More than sufficient for boro glass turtle annealing needs. The best part is low cost of the controller. On eBay a PXR-3 is available in the $70 range.

The kiln heats up to 1050 F (our all day long garage temperature) in 52 minutes which is the temperature set point or set value as Fuji calls it. And as most kilns go, it takes twelve plus hours to cool down once off.