Green Goldstone

Lampwork Handmade Bead at Alaska Handmade JewelryThis creation uses a combination of commercially available Green Goldstone and Carnelian beads. Plus a 15 mm handmade boro glass bead as a focal point.

The glass bead is one of a kind, made and annealed in our own torch room. The glass is boro (borosilicate) with colored glass from Northstar Glassworks and Simax for the clear. The hole is made with a 1/8 inch mandrel (3.2 mm).

It would have been nice to offer this necklace, to our clients, here on Alaska Handmade Jewelry. Chinese Red handmade boro bead at Alaska Handmade Jewelry, Anchorage AlaskaHowever, the boro glass bead necklace is a commissioned creation.

This Chinese Red boro bead with undertones of silvery tan will be the subject of another Alaska Handmade Jewelry creation. The bead is 22 mm in diameter and will work nicely as a larger focal point.