Wire Weaving Update

As with any new skill that is being learned one needs to practice to perfect it. This is the case with wire weaving.

There are several things to make sure that everything stays in place. One may use a large bead or a cabochon for the stone. The advantage to using a large bead is that one can help stabilize the bead by running wire though the bead and incorporating it into the weave. With the cabochon there is a flat side that helps in mounting the stone. Then there is the wire.

Typically I have been using a 26 gauge wire. While this is quite thin it works quite nicely in weaving. One uses a very long length of wire. This requires the weaver to have perfected arcing wire. If wire is bent to much or over worked it becomes brittle and breaks.

In addition to this es each artists style. While I have my style in mind one needs perfect that style.

All in all gaining the skill of wire weaving takes some time. I feel sure that gaining that skill will be well worth it.