Returning Classic Black and White Necklace

If you have read this blog for some time you remember the Classic Black and White Necklace. This necklace evolved from a color changing process helping a person fill her Christmas list with the same design changed to fit each woman she had on her list. The necklace has gone through many color changes and sizes.

Recently we have been working on a request list included a variety of standbys. Some of which were Bird's Nest rings, Bird's Nest earrings and broaches. Several necklaces and other rings were also included, the Red, White and Blue ring is an example of the creative gifts that were taken to the lower 48 as memories of Alaska.

The Classic Black and White Necklace was also requested in another color combination. Because of time limitations, we did not get a picture of the color scheme variation. It was Cranberry, small gold fresh water pearls with Black Diamond Swarovski crystals.

Because of this experience, I thought it would be fun to remake the Classic Black and White Necklace. Naturally there are a few small changes made to it to accent the black and white. Such as a Gun-mill string protector and clasp. So this necklace has returned to availability. If you are interested in it, please use the Contact Us on the middle right side of this site.