Mother of Pearl Earrings

Recently a pair of Mother of Pearl earrings were requested. And while the design of the earrings appear simple, when a piece of jewelry catches a person's eye and it is requested to be made, I never consider it simple or ordinary. In my opinion the regard that the owner of the jewelry has for the requested creation is what makes a piece of jewelry "fine jewelry".

Certainly when including Mother of Pearl in a piece of jewelry gives a special mood and feeling to the jewelry. I have found that many different types of shell are sometimes mistaken for Mother of Pearl. Mother of Pearl has a look to it that will certainly give it away. Perhaps a way to describe this look is that it has a look of depth to it and a very passive sheen of rainbow coloring.

Another give away that a shell is not mother of pearl is looking at the back of the piece. Typically the back will have the look of either the front or just a bit of the natural shell left. Mother of Pearl is presented as a finished beautiful white shell with the expected sheen one finds on the front of the shell. The shell is the area where a Pearl is formed by an irritant being coated with iridescent nacre.

Mother of pearl has the classic look that we all remember from childhood. Yet Mother of Pearl is timeless and modern. It will have a sheen that is the feel of a fine Freshwater or Cultured Pearl.