Newst Creation

We have gotten in some beautiful pearls. These are grade A and from my excellent, knowledgeable and all around good person that the majority of gemstones and supplies come from. These beads are called Metal Teal. And they are beautiful. The two lighter pearls that are double drilled silver pearls are a favorite of mine as a string guide. The focal area has Swarovski Crystals, 3mm sterling silver beads and the beautiful Metal Teal pearl. The back part is the same color string with the rich rose color being a glass bead.

A person saw this necklace and loved it. However she prefers bracelets. What a wonderful chance to use the beautiful pearls again. She asked for a three strand bracelet. And the bracelet came out quite impressive. The combination of pearls, sterling silver beads and Swarovski Crystals are a beautiful combination. With the bracelet being three strands a string guide was used. Also the smaller beads that are in the back of the necklace are used in this bracelet. This three strand bracelet looks very nice with work clothes and more formal wear. This creation will bring its wearer many years of enjoyment.

Typically, the claps that I use is simple. Because of the person the bracelet is for and the feel of the bracelet a less simple clasp was used. As you can see a heart shaped clasp was used. This helps secure the bracelet and fits the mood better. The string protectors on each string end add to the durability of the bracelet. This is definitely a one of a kind bracelet and will bring the owner many years of enjoyment.