Alaska Moose Enjoys Healthy Thanksgiving

Last evening we were warned by a neighbor that there was a big Bull Moose at our Garage door. In Alaska we warn each other of visiting wildlife in our yards...although the visits are often. We know better than to surprise a Moose. A Moose is quite capable of stomping a human to death.

The neighbor told us that it looked like the Moose went either down the road or around the house. Where he went was solved today in daylight. Moose will eat trees in winter, or most anytime. They do prefer green vegetation. We had left standing in the containers the veggies that we grew this summer hoping to gather seeds. And the Moose was delighted to find the plants. It is not known if the Moose gave thanks but that the plants were enjoyed.

An end note, I am glad that the Moose had a healthy early Thanksgiving meal.