Snowman Bead

You know we at Alaska Handmade Jewelry are going to get our hands on these. They are very cute. We hope to making many items with these little guys.

Please Note: A very limited number of these beads will be made. If you are interested, contact us.

New at Alaska Boro is a snowman bead. It is guaranteed to ‘not melt’ once it exits Alaska for warmer climates!

This sample snowman bead is 22.5 mm in height with a 3/32 mandrel hole. Each is handmade using white, black and red boro glass. The scarf on some beads will vary both in color and placement.

Each snowman boro bead consists of three beads all made on the same mandrel. The top hat is rolled on a graphite marver to make a small cylinder. The rim is then added. The scarf, in this model, is made using a stringer of twisted red and white glass.