Veiws of Alaska

From this picture you can see Alaska in winter. Alaska is a unique place. Isn't that an understatement. The point that I am getting to is that many people visit Alaska. Some like it so much they stay. Some live here a period of time because of work and then move onto other places. Others visit and forever love Alaska.

This being the case people do contact us and ask about Alaska. Others that have moved have left their heart here. Most always people want to hear about Alaska. And often those that have been here and left for what ever reason, become lonesome for Alaska. People that have never been here are also curious about Alaska. This is quite obvious when we call a place in the lower 48 for something.

As you can see in the last of the previous paragraph, we have some terms here that are not common in most of the Continental United States. So to clarify that, I will try to share the meaning of such terms. The term, the lower 48 is the Continental United States. So the two states excluded from the 50 states is Hawaii and Alaska.

Another term is termination dust. That is the first snow fall that we see in the mountains.

The last term for now is Midnight Sun. you have heard that the number that the sun is up here in the winter becomes very few, actually is 7 hours and 35 minutes. With most of those hours being sunrise and sunset with the sun low in the sky. And as long as 24 hours in the summer in June. So many times at midnight it is daylight. And so called midnight sun.