Alaskan Summer

This summer in Alaska has been a very pleasant one. Instead of the rainy and chilly summer we had last year, this summer has not only provided lots of hours of sun and great temperatures it has also provided some very lovely flowers. So I thought it would be nice to share some with you.

This is a white, tending to be more cream colored rose that bloomed this year in our neighborhood. It is from a neighbor's yard that puts out tea roses each year in containers. The rose containers are taken in and wintered over inside. Winters here are to long for some plants to survive if left outside. The warmth that the ground reaches is also to low for many plants.

From the same neighbor's yard comes this beautiful Rose. As you can see with the different angle of sunlight we have many of the flowers glow. And flowers are quite popular here. With our short growing season every bit of the seasons are squeezed out of the seasons. As spring approaches each year Alaskans are really looking forward to the growing season, having flowers, and container gardens.

While many people think of Alaska as lots of land left in it's natural state and come to see that. At the same time they are not disappointed by the foliage that goes hand in hand with the beautiful scenes found in Alaska.